This Wicked Tongue

by Elise Levine (Author)
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An A.V. Club Book to Read for June 2019

In moments of exile and self-exile, exodus and return, Elise Levine?s uncanny narratives lay bare the secret grammar of their characters? psyches. An ill-tempered divinity-school candidate refuses to minister to a dying man?s wife; a couple fails to connect as they tour an ersatz cave in the south of France; holy women grieve in medieval England, and a pregnant runaway hitches a ride with a Church leader of dubious intentions. Propelled by their longing for pasts that no longer exist, these reluctant Adams and contemporary Eves confront the unspoken, the maligned, the abject aspects of their inner geographies, mining them for gems that glint and scatter in the light. Uncompromising and honest, lyrical and wry, This Wicked Tongue dares to tell the truth about the places we have come from and the new ones we might find.

Publication date
May 28, 2019
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