BBW Romance

BBW Romance

di J.l. Ryan (Autore)
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Plus size southern belle Tallulah foregoes college to take of her sick grandmother. With dwindling finances and 90 pounds of excess weight, she's not motivated to do anything except read magazines and pray that she meets her "Prince Charming."

She's sick of scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating, and if she goes out with one more sleazeball, she's going to give up men forever.

When a chance meeting comes her way in the form of sexy billionaire Alexander Carlyle, the heir to the iconoclastic Carlyle dynasty, she doesn't know what hit her. 

He offers her a "business deal," that will pull her out of her financial hole so that she and her grandmother can live like queens. Could this "business deal" be the golden opportunity of a lifetime for BBW Tallulah, or is Alexander simply dying to get his hands on her delectable curves for a mind-blowing one night stand? 

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20 gennaio 2019
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