Up and Down Australia

by Arthur W. Upfield (Author), Kees de Hoog (Editor)
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Arthur William Upfield is well known as the creator of Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte (Bony) who features in 29 crime detection novels, most set in the Australian outback. It is not well known that he also wrote about 250 short stories and articles, drawing on his experiences in the bush between 1911 and 1931.

Up and Down Australia is the first published collection of Upfield's short works. Kees de Hoog has selected 33 fiction stories, including the only known Bony short story. There are humorous yarns, crime stories, comedies and dire tales about the dangers of living and working in the bush.

You will not simply be entertained and informed by reading these stories, but you will sample life in the Australian outback during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Publication date
June 22, 2016
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