Life Coaching

Life Coaching

by Devon DaCosta (Author)
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Life coaches can be useful for all kinds of aspects of life. It is a generalized idea, but sometimes, these coaches specialize in a particular field can are able to help people to set the proper goals, stop wasting their time, and communicate better with intimate or business partners.

In this simple guide, you will find all the basics you need to know, such as:

- The different kinds of life coaches.

- Why you should or should not consider a life coach.

- What to watch out for.

- The best business practices and how to make it run.

- What to think of when you consider taking a course.

- Myths about life coaching.

- The future of life coaching (where it's all going).

Don't wait and get the information you need if this is something you have been looking for. A life coach can be crucial and can really help people change their lives. Whether you consider getting advice from such a coach or becoming one yourself, this book may the right thing for you.

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August 26, 2019
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