Gratitude: The Life-Changing Magic of Thank-Yous

Gratitude: The Life-Changing Magic of Thank-Yous

by Armani Murphy (Author)
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Are you always searching for ways to improve your positive emotional state? Do you wish to increase your sense of wellbeing? Are you ready to discover how to trigger those ‘feel good’ hormones on a daily basis with little effort?

Since childhood, we are all taught two things: to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It is our parent’s way of teaching us children how to be polite and be kind to others. Yet, the only thing we are taught about ‘thank you’ is you should only say it when you receive something and only because it’s the polite thing to do. However, there is much more in that little phrase than you can even imagine. There is a magical power that lies within those two words that give you and the person you are speaking to great chain reactions of happiness and peace.

Increasing your use of the words ‘thank you’ is an instant triggering effect that helps you and the people you are talking to. You can use it to turn an argument around or cheer a person up. And the effects for you alone are endless. It’s all about having an attitude of gratitude to start changing your life, and the lives of those you dearly love and care about. And that's what you'll learn in Gratitude: The Life-Changing Magic of Thank-Yous.

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The principles of this book are straightforward: I will teach you the power of showing gratitude to all sorts of people. Even the ones you don’t like!

You will discover:

·       The Healing Power Of Thank You

·       How To Change Your Life Completely With Gratitude

·       Improving All Your Relationships

·       How To Stop An Argument With Thank You

·       Becoming A Thanks Bomber

·       Other Resources To Help Be Happier

It is possible to create a life where you are happier each day when you focus on gratitude! This new attitude will help you overcome challenges in your life, even when you don’t think you have anything to be thankful for. Everyone in the world wants to feel acknowledged and appreciated. And that’s just some of the power you’ll learn in this book when you start using thank you to improve not just your life, but the lives of all the people around you.

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Publication date
April 12, 2020
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