LITTLE MISS GRASSHOPPER - A Children's Alpine Adventure

LITTLE MISS GRASSHOPPER - A Children's Alpine Adventure

de Johanna Spyri (Autor)
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LITTLE MISS GRASSHOPPER is a delightful children's tale by Johanna Spyri, the author of Heidi,. Once again our adventure is set in the Swiss Alps but begins in Dresden where Rita aka Grasshopper lives with her mother, father and Ella, her sister.

The family is packing, getting ready to go to a cottage near the Gemmi Pass, not far from Leukerbad in Switzerland.

What Adventures await Rita and Ella in the Alps in the vicinity of the Gemmi Pass? Well you’ll have to download this book and find out for yourself!

This is a nice bedtime story or excellent for young readers to read for themselves and short enough to be read to younger children.


Johanna Spyri (1827 - 1901) was a Swiss author of children's stories, best known for Heidi. Born Johanna Louise Heusser in the rural area of Hirzel, Switzerland, as a child she spent several summers in the area around Chur in Graubünden, the setting she later would use in her novels.


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8 de julio de 2020
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