The Heretic's Fire

The Heretic's Fire

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5.49 The Heretic's Fire

The Heretic’s Fire

Plague and famine are ravaging every town of seventeenth century Spain. In the midst of this devastation, The Spanish Inquisition holds the country in its tyrannical iron grip, and any woman not strictly following Catholicism is branded a heretic witch. In cleansing Spain, any woman considered an unbeliever is mercilessly hunted down and sentenced to death.

Out of this apocalyptic landscape comes a story of injustice, discrimination, and forbidden… (more)

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Publisher: Babelcube Inc. (January 01, 2021)

Collection: Sacrilegious - The Secrets of the Inquisition

Format: EPUB

Page count: 107 pages

File size: 316 KB

Protection: Watermark

Language: English

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