Life After Bullying

de Lotte W. Vesterli (Autor)
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Bullying victims often suffer from social anxiety and low self-worth throughout their lives. Many do not realize that bullying from many years ago lies at the root of the problem. It is possible to overcome all of this and reclaim your life, as Lotte Vesterli has done.

In Life After Bullying, for the first time, Lotte shares her personal story and introduces the complete method she has developed from her own experience, as well as through extensive work with trauma victims. Starting from wherever you are today, you will follow a logical progression of specific steps to heal yourself and recover from the trauma of bullying. Lotte guides you through a sequence of practical exercises that allow you to take stock of your situation, appreciate yourself, and set vivid goals for your future. She also provides a comprehensive toolbox of techniques you can use to overcome anxiety, work on your limiting beliefs, and achieve your goals.

Lotte has completed the journey from a timid girl hiding in the shadows to a confident woman living a loving and fulfilling life. You can, too. Live the life of your dreams by putting bullying behind you for good.

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22 de diciembre de 2018
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