The Inventor in You

by Charles Kannankeril (Author)
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Charles Kannankeril, an inventor with seventy patents, draws on his years of experience in creating innovative and useful products to help you bring your own ideas to life.

Whenever someone says, I wish there were a better way to do this, then you have an opportunity for an invention. All you need to do is identify a solution, make it a reality, and then promote your method.

The more you cultivate these abilities, the better youll become at inventing. With this guide to inventing, youll learn how to:

identify areas where an invention could solve a problem;
develop the mindset, motivation, and determination to develop inventions;
navigate cost factors in the invention process; and
improve upon inventions that already exist.

Kannankeril also emphasizes how important it is to believe you have what it takes to solve problems. Many inventors make great contributions simply by modifying objects that they handle every day to their liking.

Filled with stories from the authors own experiences as an inventor, this practical and entertaining guide to inventing explores how an inventors mind works and how to find The Inventor in You.

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April 26, 2018
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