God Doesn’T Exist

de Harold Ortiz (Auteur)
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The developed theme is based on the initiatory knowledge, taught by the great masters that have existed through humanity (primary gnosticism), pure Christianity, this book encloses itself art-science-philosophy and religion, with simple basic explanations that any interested person can practice, besides that for the science of the spirit can be complete it must meet the requirements described above. The author speaks and clarifies that it is not his knowledge but the extract of part of the teachings given by his teachers, since it is a universal knowledge, given to the few, only for those truly serious in investigating their own origins and their previous lives.

It is simply a compilation of part of the teachings described and that can be extended to other deeper ones in future publications, it is only the beginning of all that we still need to know about ourselves, that is why we were taught in the initiatory temples homo , nosce te ipsum , man, know yourself, and you will know the universe and the gods.

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7 avril 2018
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