by Anna Dorn (Author)
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Vagablonde is a darkly humorous, rollercoaster ride through the Los Angeles music scene about a woman who wants two things, the first is to live without psychotropic medication, and the second is to experience success as an artist. A cautionary tale about viral fame, Vagablonde speaks directly to our time in biting detail.

Prue Van Teesen is thriving. That is, her life looks good on paper. She has an easy government job, a nice girlfriend, and a budding music career. When Prue is introduced to producer Jax Jameson, they instantly click. Prue soon joins Jax in his ?Kingdom,? a collective of musicians and artists who share Prue?s aesthetic sensibilities and lust for escapism. Soon, she's off her meds, closing her law practice, and becoming entangled with a suspect crew of heavy drug users. But the group they form, Shiny AF, is starting to take off and Prue is on the precipice of getting everything she thought she wanted. So, why is she still so miserable?

Publication date
May 19, 2020
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