Wise Words to Ponder

by Eric Wei (Author)
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“When reading through Wise Words to Ponder, you will ponder at the depth of the philosophy, wisdom and humor Eric Wei has assembled. This is a truly enjoyable book.” --- Pacific Book Review

“This collection offers wisdom stemming from many different lives, along with humor and courage gleaned from the best of the past. Overall, this book is a great gift of wisdom, compassion, and truth for the darkest of times. Recommended.” --- The US Review of Books

A short saying can contain profound wisdom. A good quote often has a play of words and is short and crisp. More important, it should be inspirational and rich in wisdom and one which you can draw upon as you move on in life. If you like quotes, you will also like the uplifting verses collected in this book.

It is hoped that this collection will be a useful companion that you can turn to for solace, encouragement, a change of perspective, or just for a laugh, or to pick a quote or verse to share with someone. In Eric Wei’s first book, Lessons From Tales, he compiled short stories and jokes which we can learn something from. In this second book, he picked the best of the best quotes and verses savored from various sources. Eric loves quotes and verses which are rich in meaning.

The sequel, More Wise Words To Ponder, is available

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August 14, 2020
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