Mozart * Mary Shelley * Honore Daumier * Ulysses S. Grant * Einstein * Othmar Ammann * Helen Keller

When you’re in your twenties, life can seem full of obstacles. Where’s that glorious career you dreamed of? How can you make your way past student debt, economic uncertainty, and other challenges of adulting? Respected advisor Robert L. Dilenschneider takes you into the pages of history to show how 25 fascinating and diverse twenty-somethings found their way and created their legacies.

Elizabeth Kenny * Branch Rickey * Jackie Robinson * Coco Chanel * Golda Meir *Roberto Marinho *

Do you think Albert Einstein had his science career together by his mid-20s? Actually, he was a clerk in a patent office. Maya Angelou became a beloved, acclaimed poet and writer after a string of odd jobs during her young adulthood. Steve Jobs was at the top of his game by age 25. But his beginnings were marked by adoption, displacement, bullying, and many more challenges lay ahead. This absorbing book examines the trajectories of iconic figures to reveal the choices that enabled them to fulfill their potential.
Rita Levi-Montalcini * Edith Piaf * I.M. Pei * Akio Morita * Maria Tallchief * Maya Angelou *
For those who are coming of age now, and for those who care about them and their futures, these eye-opening time capsules provide inspiration, instruction, and encouragement.
Audrey Hepburn * Rudolf Nureyev * Sally Ride* Christa McAuliffe * Steve Jobs * Jean-Michel Basquiat
Foreword by U.S. Ambassador Donald Blinken

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December 28, 2021
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