It's the Time

by Angelo Alfaro Sr. (Author)
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Angelo Alfaro Sr.
He decided to write this book during the Pandemic, and during all the political troubles we have had, in the last year, and his reaction it's the Time to say things by his name. Thanks to 52 years living in this great nation, having seen and observed 10 different governments, from Lyndon B. Johnson. He can no longer be silent about the injustices that are against ordinary citizens. I hope this book is of great help since the Constitution of the USA is included for the ordinary citizen, I know about his rights and know what is happening in the country; It's the time to become aware and be aware, which is the only legacy that we leave to our children, it is the well-being of the country and the world. The primary basis of this work is to give the reader the confidence, and the security of getting to know, asking the proper questions, it does not matter its origin, religion, economy, or social level, since this work is inspired by the Ordinary citizen, Angelo Alfaro Sr., because he is a man at the head of the family, believes that it is his duty and obligation to leave his ideas and written notes, for the ordinary citizen and future generations, to achieve a better quality of life.

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March 11, 2021
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