Because of the Anger, I Almost Lost Everything

by Mario Ferro (Author)
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Stop fighting change... and walk freely!
Who can say that they have never felt anger in their life? Who can say that they have never been blinded by anger? Who has never wanted to take revenge? Anger can provoke all of this! In fact, anger can become the bane of our lives.
Many people, among cries of pain, arrive at the end of the road suffering the havoc caused by their anger over the years. Their biggest regret is that people only remember them by their terrible attitude, bad temper, the suffering they caused... However, things don?t have to be the same for you! There is hope! When we talk of hope, we need the credibility of a man like Mario Ferro who suffered the consequences of anger first-hand and came out on top by the grace of God.
If you want everything to get better, you must read this book! Don?t let demons destroy your life. Don?t let them take away your peace and love. Live triumphantly... and be free once and for all!

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September 17, 2018
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