Holistic Emotional Intelligence

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What do you want? What?s your goal?
Improve your Health? Increase your Productivity? Enjoy Mutually Satisfying Interpersonal Relationships?
Set Your Mind... It?s All About Energy!
?Everything is energy,? Albert Einstein said, and he was right. Emotions are energy in movement, and if they are not managed properly it causes stagnation, and energy stagnation causes illness and psychosomatic conditions. If we manage emotions properly, we will enjoy better health, more productivity, and mutually satisfactory interpersonal relationships.
Holistic Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage emotions in a healthy way to minimize energy stagnation and therefore enjoy better health, increase productivity and enjoy mutually satisfactory interpersonal relationships.
This book presents the results of more than 15 years of research about energy, and its objective is to create awareness about energy consciousness, vitality, harmony, alignment and communion. You will find techniques for developing emotional mastery, powerful approaches to feel your energy, effective ways to increase your energy and practical forms to unblock your energy centers, therefore, enjoy harmony, alignment and ?Mobius?.

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April 16, 2019
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