Surrendering To Strangers In Public

Surrendering To Strangers In Public

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2.99 Surrendering To Strangers In Public

It starts off as a simple bet. "I bet you can't get that hottie to go home with you." Then, it's, "I bet you can't get her to wear that toy out in public." Ally doesn't know that her boyfriend is with her because of a series of perverse bets with his friends. When the lies come to light, she is humiliated. She gets back at him by making him watch as she sleeps with one of his friends.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Somehow, they manage to make it into the shopping mall without… (more)

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Publisher: Boruma Publishing (May 04, 2021)

Collection: Powerful Men

Format: EPUB

File size: 274 KB

Protection: DRM free

Language: English

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