What Do You Do When the Inevitable Happens?

by Maria Gonzalez (Author)
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What do you do when the inevitable happens?

The best way to answer this; is to share with you what I did. I went to my faith and found my comfort in His written word ?The Bible?. Going through my AVM journey made me realize I had a lot to be thankful for; I am alive. My life started over; I had to learn to talk, get upper body balance, sit, stand, take steps, and walk (just like a child).

Every day is a new beginning and a blessing. I?ve gotten stronger. Holidays with family are precious. As I read His word; my life has purpose. Yes, there were dark moments, His word carried my husband Jorge and I through. It kept us sane through this insanity. My craziness was enough to cause us to default our faith, but God kept us through it. I thought about Matthew 14:13 ? 21; where Jesus feeds the hungry crowd; by multiplying the fish and loaves. The Bible says he fed 5,000 hungry people. He took two fish and five loaves. First Jesus thanked the Father; then the miracle happened, the hungry got fed and there were leftovers. Every miracle Jesus did what he did first is thank the father. Then it hit me; I hadn?t taken time to thank the Lord for allowing me to survive the AVM.

So, I like to begin my Journey expressing my gratitude and I know God takes care of the rest (?my healing?).

Before you continue reading; thank you for taking time to read about my Journey.

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August 03, 2020
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