Mind Control

by Dr. Haha Lung (Author)
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Buddha said, “Your greatest weapon is your enemy's mind.” Crucial to victory in any battle is psychological warfare, a technique employed and perfected by history’s greatest military thinkers, such as Sun Tzu, Yoritomo, and Musashi of Japan; and several lesser-known but incredibly influential masterminds.
Dr. Haha Lung, author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, presents an all-in-one primer to breaching your enemy's mental defenses. Building on the techniques he presented in the classic Mind Manipulation, he shows how to use your enemy's fears, insecurities, hopes, and beliefs against him. Some of the most effective mind control techniques are from forgotten masters of the trade, and are featured here for the very first time.

   • Dark Arts: the art of intimidation
   • The Secret of Seven: the Seven Wheels of Power
   • Masters of the East: Including the Craft of the Hircarrah, Vietnamese voodoo
   • Chinese Face: the art of K'ung Ming and Chinese face-reading
   • Samurai Sly: Yoritomo's Art of Influence; the Way of No-Sword; Shadow Warriors.
   • Blood of Abraham: Biblical black science

Publication date
October 27, 2020
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