Cause Of Fear

di Robert Ross (Autore)
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She's Been Watching. . .Waiting. . .

All her life, Linda Leigh has been a plain Jane--the kind of woman no one notices. That all changes when handsome college professor Geoffrey Manwaring falls in love with her. The only shadow cast over their upcoming marriage is Geoff's son Josh's stubborn refusal to accept Linda into his life--and his insistence that the unbalanced mother who deserted him years before will be return to claim him. . .

And When She Comes Home. . .

Gabrielle. Everyone remembers how intelligent, witty, and beautiful Geoff's first wife was. Still, Linda is confident she'll be a good stepmom to Josh, once he lets down his defenses. But then the nightmares start. Visions of being burned alive that soon become hallucinations. The same dreams plague Geoff, then Josh, who continues to await his mother's arrival. . .

. . .Blood Will Be Spilled

Until the day a woman in a red cloak comes up the lane and approaches the house. The wife who walked out on Geoff four years ago. The mother whose memory Josh clings to. The force of evil who wants Linda out of their lives--forever. . .

Praise for Robert Ross's Where Darkness Lives

"The familiarity of this tale won't keep readers from shivering at the chilling portrait the author paints." --Publishers Weekly

"Robert Ross is a master of the modern-day gothic."--Wendy Corsi Staub

"Bentley Little fans are going to love this book."--The Midwest Book Review

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01 aprile 2004
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