Remember Who You Are

by Chuck Culpepper (Author), Tracy Ringolsby (Author), Bud Black (Author), Tim Kurkjian (Author), Jack Curry (Author), Michael Zagaris (Author), Paul Begala (Author), Brad Mangin (Author), Jeremy Schaap (Author), Jeff Passan (Author), Bob Melvin (Author), Scott Ostler (Author), George A. Iii King (Author), Terry Francona (Author), Derrick Goold (Author), Alex Coffey (Author), Sean McAdam (Author), Brian Snitker (Author), Brett Kurland (Author), Alden Gonzalez (Author), Sarina Morales (Author), Marcos Breton (Author), John D'Anna (Author), Steve Fainaru (Author), Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez (Author), Dante Gomez (Author), Bud Geracie (Author), Dennis Eckersley (Author), Aj Hinch (Author), Keith Olbermann (Author), Frank Martin (Author), Dave Sheinin (Author), Tim Keown (Author), Bruce Jenkins (Author), Rachel Nichols (Author), Mark Kreidler (Author), Max Scherzer (Author), Bob Ley (Author), Pedro Gomez (Author), Peter Gammons (Author), Howard Bryant (Author), Mike Barnicle (Author), Brian Murphy (Author), Chelsea Janes (Author), Dusty Baker (Author), Rob King (Author), Rio Gomez (Author), Ross Newhan (Author), Jon Daniels (Author), Ken Rosenthal (Author), Buster Olney (Author), Shelley M. Smith (Author), T.J. Quinn (Author), Scott Boras (Author), Sandy Alderson (Author), Dan Shaughnessy (Author), Mike Swanson (Author), Robin Carr (Author), Tony La Russa (Author), Jason La Canfora (Author), Ray Ratto (Author), Ron Washington (Author)
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Pedro Gomez of ESPN was a beloved figure in baseball. His death from sudden cardiac arrest on Feb. 7, 2021, unleashed an outpouring of heartfelt tributes. He was 58, both a hard-nosed reporter and a smiling ambassador of the sport. These 62 personal essays soar beyond sports to delve into life lessons.

Pedro, a proud Cuban American, was known for his dramatic reporting from Havana. Fully and fluidly bilingual, he did as much as anyone to bridge the wide gap that had existed between U.S.-born players and the Latin Americans now so important to the game’s vitality and future growth. He was also a family man who loved to talk about his three children, Sierra, Dante and Rio, a Boston Red Sox prospect. Pedro was universally known as a smiling presence who brought out the best in people. His humanity and generosity of spirit shaped countless lives, including one of his ESPN bosses, Rob King, who was so moved by Pedro’s advice to him—“Remember who you are”—that he printed up the words and posted them on the wall of his office in Bristol. King is one of a diverse collection of contributors whose personal essays turn Pedro’s shocking death into an occasion to reflect on the deeper truths of life we too often overlook. Part The Pride of Havana and part Tuesdays With Morrie, part The Tender Bar and part Ball Four, this is the rare essay collection that reads like a novel, full of achingly honest emotion and painful insights, a book about friendship, a book about standing for something, a book about joy and love.

Former New York Times writer Jack Curry writes about Pedro’s passion for live music, and former Sports Illustrated writer Tim Kurkjian brings alive spring-training basketball games with executives like Sandy Anderson and Billy Beane and Pedro right in the mix. Detroit manager AJ Hinch and formers Texas manager Ron Washington both reveal that in their darkest hours Pedro gave them some of the best advice of their lives.

Hall of Famers Dennis Eckersley, Tony La Russa, Peter Gammons, Ross Newhan, Tracy Ringolsby and Dan Shaughnessy are among the contributors. So are likely future Hall of Famers Max Scherzer and Dusty Baker. Pulitzer-Prize-winning Washington Post war correspondent Steve Fainaru, award-winning writers from Howard Bryant and Mike Barnicle to Tim Keown, Ken Rosenthal and Dave Sheinin also contribute. Rounding out the mix are current and former ESPN stars including Rachel Nichols, Shelley M. Smith, Peter Gammons, Bob Ley and Keith Olbermann.

This is a book to rekindle in any lapsed fan a love of going to the ballpark, but it’s also a wakeup call that transcends sports. To any journalist, worn down by the demands of a punishing job, to anyone anywhere, pummeled by pandemic times and the dark mood of the country in recent years, these essays will light a spark to seize every opportunity to make a difference, in your work and in the lives of people who matter to you.

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