Transitioning in Grace

A Yogi's Approach to Death and Dying
de Nalini Graeber (Autor)
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The deeper teachings of yoga state that "We are a soul, and have a body," but how do yogis respond when confronted with death—with their own time of passing?

In Transitioning in Grace (based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi), Nalini Graeber presents true accounts of how longtime yogis and meditators have left their bodies. Some struggled with pain or illness. Others passed suddenly or unexpectedly. Most of these accounts are inspiring; all have something to teach about the transitioning experience. More than just a collection of uplifting stories, this work can serve as a handbook for individuals helping family or friends to leave this world-for those soon to make the transition themselves—and for all thoughtful souls who recognize the wisdom of gaining important insights into early preparation for "Life's Final Exam."

Included in these pages:

• How to prepare for death.

• A yogic "astral ascension" ceremony (funeral/memorial service) that can be adapted for your particular needs.

• A description, by a great master of yoga, of what we experience during the moments when we leave our bodies.

• A simple meditation technique that can help greatly to bring calmness to the event.

• Stories, descriptions, and poems that offer helpful insights and inspiration.

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15 de octubre de 2019
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