"What Chess Taught Me” or the Logic of When Systems Get Complicated

de Zerreit (Auteur)
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Dear reader:
This small book aims to introduce you to the art of thinking that a good chess player has. He who achieves through the management of his resources the triumph or the defeat. The first one will give you the satisfaction of having won, the second one the impetus to start over again.

Probably, this is the first chess book, which is not dedicated to chess players, for its reading it does not even need the knowledge of how to move the pieces on the board of the so-called science game. Although I only wish that my friends, both chess players from all the clubs I have visited, as well as simple “chess players of life” find in this book, the projection into their lives that chess grants.

It is dedicated to all those who wish to learn to make an analysis of their present, without contaminating it with their past, and so they can use it for the benefit of the construction of their future.
To all those who despite the pain of having lost, are willing to "put the pieces back together" and start again a new experience wishing you win this time.

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23 juin 2021
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