Leading the Way

by Letarte,Steve (Author)
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It was among the most remarkable and successful rebuilding projects in NASCAR history - turning the most popular driver whose confidence bottomed out amid questionable work habits into an assured and diligent championship contender.
In Leading the Way, Steve Letarte takes readers into the closed-door meetings, the heartfelt conversations in the No. 88 hauler and the after-hours bonding sessions that created the faith and trust necessary to make Dale Earnhardt Jr. a winner again.
Through vivid depictions of some painful mistakes and critical decisions, Letarte details the overlooked strategies and structure that he successfully applied to a slumping race team the same way that a CEO would implement in a struggling company.
Here are the never-before-revealed fierce arguments, lighthearted moments and unbridled joy shared with Earnhardt in a four-year, cross-country odyssey from the highs of a magical 2014 Daytona 500 win to the lows of a career-threatening concussion.

"Steve possesses all the qualities of a successful leader, with a unique ability to rally his team into believing in their own success. This book is a special look at his life both personally and professionally that I think will enlighten and educate." - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"I never dreamed of being an author, but those years with Dale were so special. I wanted everyone to hear these stories to appreciate the important values of leadership and friendship and the successes that are measured beyond trophies and championships." - Steve Letarte

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July 05, 2018
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