How to Become Your Superhero

How to Become Your Superhero

by Ruben Viglino (Author)
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This is the story of a child who has never stopped dreaming and who has always listened to his heart. He didn’t like the way adults lived their lives, he didn’t want to grow up and be like them. He felt he knew that he could live the life that he wanted and create his own reality, but he didn’t know how to do it.

A beautiful journey about a child who searches for the meaning of life. Throughout the story, the child learns from others and from mistakes and finds himself closer and closer to the truth he so desires. As he grows an understanding of life and what it means to be happy, he enters the world of adults himself, and sees an opportunity to break the cycle. So he decides to share his story to support anyone that, like that child, refuses to give up on their dreams and desires. This is the secret that transformed his life.

This book hopes to place a seed in the heart of every reader. If each reader has the patience to cultivate and protect, it will open the doors to the life they have always desired.

A personal growth book, a practical and simple guide for everyone that wants to move in the direction of their dreams.

This book will help you understand one of the most important Universal laws; ‘The law of attraction’. If understood, this law will allow you to become who you really are ... a Superhero.

“You simply forgot where you left your super powers, this book will help you to find them.” - Ruben Viglino

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December 27, 2020
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