Tabby the Tattle Tot

Tabby the Tattle Tot

by Rachel (Author), Roxanne (Author)
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Rachel moves to a new school and things start to get weird pretty fast. The Saint Magnivincent school series has a comical view of the frustrations that elementary school children go through. Co-authors Rachel and Roxanne remember back to the everyday problems that other students caused them when they were at school.
Rachel brings a child -like view with lovable funny characters that are based on a combination of the personalities of the children that she went to school with.
Roxanne is a school-teacher who has had numerous humorous and heart to heart conversations with her students about real life situations that her students have gone through. But this series has a twist of fiction that holds gratifying resolutions for the students affected by problematic behavior. It also has an ongoing underlining mystery that when it unfolds it reveals a moral of truth and self-discovery.

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August 12, 2021
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