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Descendants of Blood
de Carroll Holst (Auteur)
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A white crow flew out a misty cloud where Medusa’s body had fallen into hot flowing lava. God draws the crow to heaven and, gives her the missions for her life. She marries a direct descendent of Noah’s son Japheth in 2227 A. D. God takes two of his bones from his lower rib cage and, mix’s it into her body when she’s transformed into a new human species with-out a navel. Destined to be King and, Queen there are obstacles like a dragon and, other monsters to prove themselves. Their brains have a thread joining them and, in the nightmares, they share are like real life. The devil wants to kill them because he wants this Earth 2 set in 1896 for himself. Good and, evil was laid down from her creation that’s nonstop. Their King and, Queen so, Satan creates another Medusa to kill them.

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Date de publication
30 août 2021
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