Find Your Difference

by Austin McGhie (Author)
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“At a time when courage seems in short supply, Austin McGhie’s Find Your Difference provides inspiration to step outside of the conventional . . . It should be required reading for any business stakeholder.” —Kevin Goetz, founder and CEO, Screen Engine/ASI

This book is for marketers. If you are selling anything—a product, a service, a company, an idea, a place, or a brand—you are a marketer.

Part exploration and part exhortation, Find Your Difference is a unique collection of observations, case studies, and hard-earned lessons from marketing expert and BRAND Is a Four Letter Word author Austin McGhie.

With humor and wisdom, McGhie makes the case for identifying your difference, highlights the importance of being distinctive, points out the “difference dampeners” that hold you back, and offers advice for creating real-world difference in business and in life. Here, you’ll learn:

How to identify what makes your brand and products unique
The top ten things to consider as you pursue difference
A five-step plan for getting those around you prepared to “do different”
No matter what you’re selling, difference is key to building an audience. This practical guide provides thought-provoking tips and strategies designed to challenge you, inspire you, and, most importantly, help you find your difference.

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October 05, 2021
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