Chronicles of the Wisp

by Joseph DuRand Jr. (Author)
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It is 1950 as a beautiful yet fierce woman, formerly known as Dr. Susan Blackmare, enters a heavily-guarded bunker hidden away under a California lake. Inside is a command station and various labs. After Susan hears what she perceives to be a twisted version of history, she enters a cavern and dons special glasses that allow her to see something she has no idea is about to take over her life.

Unfortunately, sinister creatures known as Wisps, have returned to Earth to possess and transform humans by ridding them of their humanity and controlling their every action. Since the beginning of mankind, Wisps have controlled the destiny and future of Earth’s society. Now as Wisps begin to populate Earth again, a battle begins as their victims—that include Susan—desperately fight against them in a valiant effort to save humanity. As the future hangs precariously in the balance, will they manage to find a way or perish trying?

Chronicles of the Wisp is a science fiction horror story that follows a new and evil predator as mankind battles for survival through history into the near future.

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September 10, 2021
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