De Cero to Zero, a Tale

by Edel Romay (Author)
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De Cero to Zero, a Tale, is not a simple collection of narratives; in essence, it is an intricate warp and weft that invites us to find the skein thread each time we go from one short story to the next. In addition, Edel Romay makes us consider the idea that Reality does not exist without an observer. In other words, reading is, in fact, an act of dialogue with the author. Besides, human Reality (Reality), as Edel considers it, is the boundary between the macro-reality of the universe (REALITY) and the inner nano reality of the atom (Reality). That is, [REALITY (Reality) reality]. And subtly, he guides us to ask ourselves: What is genuinely factual in all that we call Reality? Then, it makes us reflect on the symbiosis that creates itself and recreates itself between author and reader.

— I remember; therefore, you exist —you assured me.
— I remember; therefore, I live—I replied.
— Therefore, you and I exist at this moment.

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September 15, 2021
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