Strategic Advertising Mechanisms

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It is the first time that the different strategic advertising mechanisms are explained in a single book. And this is also the first time that a book has brought together the most important and transcendent (for its applicability to the advertising market) strategic advertising mechanisms.

The text explains from classic mechanisms such as Rosser Reeves's USP or Procter & Gamble's copy strategy to modern mechanisms such as Kevin Roberts's Lovemarks or Douglas Holt's iconic brands. It also considers European mechanisms such as Jacques Séguéla’s star strategy or Henri Joannis’s psychological axis. The book has the most complete academic review.

Strategic Advertising Mechanisms: From Copy Strategy to Iconic Brands, integrates the most important strategic advertising mechanisms developed throughout the time: USP, brand image, positioning, Lovemarks... This is the first and only book to date that compiles the most consolidated methods by advertisers or advertising agencies (P&G, Bates, Ogilvy or Euro) in the history of modern advertising.

Primary readership will be among practitioners, researchers, scholars and students in a range of disciplines, including communication, advertising, business and economic, information and communication, sociology, psychology and humanities. There may also be appeal to the more general reader with an interest in how advertising strategic planning works.

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October 04, 2021
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