Essentials of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

The Complete Guide for Schools and Practitioners
by Donna Lord Black (Author)
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A robust and comprehensive description and implementation roadmap of SEL across all levels of your school's curriculum 

In Essentials of Social Emotional Learning (SEL): The Complete Guide for Schools and Practitioners, learning expert and advocate Donna Black delivers a rigorous and compelling case for the adoption of crucial SEL components in your school, as well as a step-by-step guide to its implementation. 

The book walks readers through every step of understanding, designing, implementing, and measuring an SEL program designed to create lasting and powerful change for your students. The author describes strategies to engage students with relationships and instruct them in core skills. 

Essentials of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) also explores:

  • The emergence of social emotional learning as a world phenomenon, including key definitions, critical areas of competence, historical influences, and the role of emotional intelligence in SEL. 
  • A rigorous review of current problems in education addressed by SEL, as well as the latest empirical support and validation for the model. 
  • A description of SEL as a sustainable framework for success, including a multi-phase guide to a whole-school implementation of SEL complete with tools, templates, and checklists. 
A start-to-finish roadmap on the implementation of social emotional learning in schools of all sizes, Essentials of Emotional Learning (SEL) is a must-read resource for school administrators, teachers, and parents of school age children with an interest in addressing the barriers often faced by students. 

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October 07, 2021
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