Bushcraft Whittling

by Rick Wiebe (Author)
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An easy and fun introduction to the essential outdoor skill of bushcraft whittling.

Bushcraft whittling—the art of shaping improvised campsite and hiking implements—requires no special tools or complex techniques, and you can practice on just about any wood that comes to hand. Plus, being able to make your firewood tinder, tent pegs, walking sticks, roasting sticks, digging tools, and more can be a lifesaver on the trail.

In Bushcraft Whittling, master whittler Rick Wiebe shows step-by-step how anyone with a common pocketknife, a hatchet, and an itch to do something with their hands can make projects that are fun, eye-catching, and useful. Bushcraft Whittling will show you the tools you need (all available at any hardware store), the right cutting techniques, carving safety, how to select the right wood, and how to make dozens of useful items at your campsite.

Everyone who spends time in the outdoors—campers, hikers, ramblers, hunters, fishermen, skiers, and any kind of sportsman—needs to master the art of bushcraft whittling. Additionally, bushcraft whittling is the perfect low-effort introduction to the fun and relaxing hobby of whittling, as well as an excuse to use that fun knife you just bought.

If you're an outdoorsy person—or even if you just want to be an outdoorsy person someday—Bushcraft Whittling is a must-have book.

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December 07, 2021
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