High-Altitude Breakfast

by Nicole Hampton (Author)
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From the creator of the popular food blog DoughEyed.com and the author of Sugar High: Sweet & Savory Baking in Your High-Altitude Kitchen comes this new guide to baking breakfast foods at elevations above 5,000 feet.

The book begins with a section on essential tools and ingredients for the home baker, plus a primer on adjusting recipes to be successful at altitude. Six recipe chapters offer more than 80 classic and modern recipes, including:

  • Breads (such as classic white bread, savory cheese bread, bagels, and English muffins)
  • Bakery items (think scones, muffins, sweet rolls, coffee cakes, and doughnuts!)
  • Waffles and pancakes (don’t miss the cornmeal pancakes, birthday cake waffles, and vegan chocolate pancakes)
  • Toasts (not your ordinary buttered bread, but fresh-baked slices with a variety of sweet and savory additions)
  • Breakfast sandwiches (with all your favorite breakfast and brunch flavors)
  • And egg-based dishes (highlights include a savory quiche and an egg-topped breakfast pizza)

Author Nicole Hampton developed many of these recipes to build upon each other as the book progresses. For example, once you learn how to make classic breads, biscuits, pancakes, and waffles, you’ll be able to use them as foundations for sandwiches, layered toasts, breakfast casseroles, and more.

High-Altitude Breakfast helps you start your day with sweet and savory eats made easy in the kitchen. With this clever book in hand, even at 5,000 feet and above, you can have your cake (perhaps a streusel-topped coffee cake?) and eat it too!

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October 19, 2021
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