From Pushups to Angel’s Wings

by Michael Shaffer (Author), Ruth Jefferson (Author)
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Ever feel at a loss when you are wondering how to inspire kids to develop a love of reading? Then this book is for you! Anyone interested in kids and their success will find this a great read! The authors have compiled tales of achievement, based on real-life teaching and administrative experiences with boys who were reluctant readers. Each chapter contains an inspiring story meant to bolster your resolve and strengthen your skill set in working with male readers. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh and make you cry! Each chapter also includes hints and suggestions for encouraging the developing reader.

Chapters focus on real-life scenarios that range from how to work with children who are growing up in poverty to the serendipities that meet anyone working with kids and even some thoughts on the current testing environment in education. The final chapters include a culmination of suggested best practices and how-to’s!

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Publication date
November 30, 2021
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