Trust Me

by Lesley Pearse (Author)
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Based on a tragic true story, international bestselling author Lesley Pearse weaves an epic tale of betrayal, hope, and redemption.

How can you trust when all you know are lies?

On the day her father kills her mother, Dulcie loses nearly everything. Her parents, her home, and her trust. All she has left is her little sister.

When the pair are sent to live in an orphanage, Dulcie knows she must fiercely protect her sister. And when they're told a 'better life' awaits them in Australia, Dulcie is certain this is just another empty promise.

Far from everything they every knew, Dulcie finds a ray of hope in kindred spirit Ross. But if Dulcie only knows a life of betrayal, can she move on from the past and trust again?

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Publication date
October 28, 2021