Ishia and His Teacher

by Vincent L. Di Paolo (Author)
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Ishia and His Teacher is the continuation to Children of Yahweh and the third and final volume of the Judas Trilogy. It was written during the Covid-19 Pandemic, which definitely influenced its final chapter. This third volume is clearly the most inspirational of the trilogy as the reader is transported to Ishia’s conception, birth and childhood. The reader will feel the joy and happiness of Ishia’s development and the anguish and pain of His mother, Miryam, and of His teacher, Judas, for they know His predestined self sacrifice. You, the reader, will experience Ishia’s adventurous travels, which take him to Rome, Athens, Cappadocia, Babylon and Thibet. Finally, by reading this final book of the Judas Trilogy, you will surely be deeply inspired to follow His loving teachings in this most difficult period of our lives on this beautiful living planet.

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October 27, 2021
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