Brain Rules for Work

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How can I keep people engaged during my presentations? What can I do to my office so that I look forward to coming to it on Monday? How can I improve the productivity of our team, our department, our company? Scientists know.

Brain Rules for Work by developmental molecular biologist and author Dr. John Medina, explores the various aspects of work through the lens of peer-reviewed science.

Having written New York Times bestselling works Brain Rules, Brain Rules for Baby and Brain Rules for Aging Well, Dr. Medina turns his expertise towards the professional world, guiding us through what brain science and evolutionary biology have to say about topics from office space and work/life balance to power dynamics and work interactions in the time of COVID-19. Medina's charming descriptions and hilarious anecdotes break the science down to practical applications that you can put into use next Monday to improve your work life and the work lives of those around you.

You'll learn:

Why taking breaks in nature during the workday improves productivity
How planning a meeting beforehand makes it more effective
Why an open office plan isn't a good office plan
How a more diverse team is a more potent team
What exactly about talking to co-workers online is so exhausting
Why allowing for failure is vital to a company's success
What power can do to an executive who has just been promoted
Procrastination is not due to laziness, rather an avoidance of negative feelings
Which personality tests will help you find the right fit for the job-hint: it's not the Myers-Briggs
The surprising source of a leader's charisma
And what our work lives will look like in a post-pandemic world

Whether you are an employee at a company looking to become successful or an executive who wants to ensure the success of your employees, Brain Rules For Work is both a useful tool and a compelling guide for you and your co-workers.

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