A Templar Knight’s Tale

by Henry Fusco (Author)
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I love to tell the story of heroic knights, great battles, evil doers, and the Dark Prince of Naples, a complex man who traveled over two continents to find himself. In his travels he was accompanied by his two cousins. Arturo the skillful. A deadly swordsman second only to the Dark Prince. His other cousin is Baldassare the ferocious. The strongest man in Naples. A quiet man, but when aroused, his legendary strength and brute force is savage and terrifying. A good story needs a villain. We have one. A miscreant who is called Greco.
What about love you ask? Ravenaire, the love of the Dark Prince and she of him. Oh, and did I mention the Assassins of Syria and their relationship to the Dark Prince? And least I forget, the Knights Templar. Well, my friend, let me introduce myself to you. I am called Brother Tristan du Lyonesse, a Templar knight.

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November 15, 2021
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