A Pile of Trouble

de O'Keefe,Bill (Auteur)
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When my kids were young, like all good fathers, I used to read them stories at bedtime. But sometimes, the kids would ask me to just make up a story instead, so one night, off the top of my head, I spun a tale of two squirrels, fun-loving Flopsy and his very responsible best friend Nutsy. This became one of their most requested stories, which they enjoyed each time I told it, even after they knew the ending. While Flopsy’s irresponsible ways lead him into a tight spot, in the end, he learns an important lesson, though not necessarily the one Nutsy had in mind. I recently re-told this tale to my grandsons, and their response encouraged me to publish A Pile of Trouble for others to hopefully enjoy as much as they did.

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Date de publication
18 novembre 2021
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