Grieving the Gift

by Dr. Jamie McClintic (Author)
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In 2010, Maddox Lucille McClintic entered the world weighing a little over six pounds. She arrived with something few people have: an extra twenty-first chromosome. Unknown to her mother at the time, Maddox would soon amaze the entire world with life-changing moments, beautiful magic, and an abundance of love.
In a multifaceted biography and self-help guide, Dr. Jamie McClintic interweaves beautiful images with her experiences and perspectives to chronicle her complex grief and acceptance process after learning Maddox was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Her story is followed by clinically based guidance and concise key takeaways for those too overwhelmed with information. Finally, each chapter closes with self-reflection activities generated in support with a mental health specialist that provides hands-on strategies needed to work through the grief process.
Grieving the Gift coaches parents and caregivers of children with disabilities how to unwrap and embrace the most influential gift they will ever receive: the gift of a precious life.

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November 09, 2021
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