Coup Finds Bigger Brother

Coup Finds Bigger Brother

Book 2
by Susan McKallor (Author), Debra Devine (Illustrator)
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We have all love Susan McKallor’s Book, “Adventures of Coup & Friends”, about the adventures of a lovable mischievous dog named Coup (with a “C”).

Now she has gifted us with a second book, “Coup Finds a Big Brother.” In this delightful new addition to Coup’s adventures, you meet his capricious big brother, Kooper with a “K”, and learn how Kooper with a “K” joins the “family.”

You and your child will laugh and maybe cry together as you read this collection of short stories about their adventures.

As a retired teacher, I know there is no better way to share quality time with your child than while reading together.

This endearing collection of faith-based stories about Coup and Kooper with a “K” will be a cherished addition to your child’s library. Reading together will be a lasting childhood memory for both you and your child. Enjoy!

“The stories told in Coup’s and Kooper with a “K” s instinctive voices, will appeal to everyone who has ever love a stuffed dog to life.”

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November 17, 2021
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