Some years ago a respected pediatrician gifted author Rev. Dr. Marlene Louise Walters, his precious heirloom crucifix. But at the time of the gift, she couldn’t remember where she had crossed paths with this well-known man, who died soon after their encounter. In

A Crucifix, Walters shares the story of this crucifix and the adventure it presented to unveil the reason for this gift given by this curious visitor.

The odyssey expands through years of anecdotes during her life in experiences as Walters seeks to discover the mystery of the keepsake. Her unanticipated journey interrupts her domesticated life with ferocious intrusion. It began with allowiing abortions for the disabled and ends with allowing doctors to assist in suicide. Throughout this memoir, she conronicles her quest to discover why a respected Delaware pediatrician, someone she barely knew, would give his family crucifix to her.

A Crucifix journeys through a variety of settings questioning many ethical controversies, creating support groups, inspiring families in grief and finding agape love in unusual settings.

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November 17, 2021
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