Andrea’s Journey

de Andrea Eckhardt (Auteur)
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Heaven was in our hands last night.
We held it ever so gently. As we darted through misty wet clouds to reach that place that only dreams can take you. Our hearts made ready by our Spirit love, our hands outstretched with knowing trust, we are taken amongst others who exist without time or space and feel with them the touch of infinity.

What truly connects all of us in this universe? It is our search for love: to be loved and to love. On this journey, we often meet emotions such as despair, rejection, doubt, and fear, yet we can also meet bliss, joy, rapture, and sanctuary as we invite Spirit in.

Within a collection of poetic writings gathered over a four-year period and shared in journal-entry style, Andrea Eckhardt offers a glimpse into her personal journey to find love. Filled with all the epic epiphanies and dark discoveries that made her journey poetic yet perilous, Andrea’s writings reveal the struggle to find love, the triumph when she finally found it, and all the mess in between.

Andrea’s Journey shares poetic writings that reveal the ups and downs of one woman’s journey to find love.

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18 novembre 2021
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