Deadly Deed

de Karen J. Brohn (Auteur)
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Kari Bronx is an investigative reporter who accompanies her assistant editor and good friend Pam Clarkston down to Grandview, Texas for the annual Fall Festival. Her role was to assist Pam in chairing the event which was actually a ruse orchestrated to distract her from returning to work too soon. This was to be a time to convalesce from a shotgun wound, but Kari soon finds herself involved in a feud, an international smuggling operation and the murder of a close friend of Pam’s family. The list of suspects is long, but Kari is determined to find the culprit. It’s her stubborn determination, however, that puts her in a few dangerous situations.
The quest to solve the mysteries surrounding the murder once again almost costs Kari her life and that of her friend Pam.
This story will keep you intrigued and guessing who the murderer is until the end!

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Date de publication
17 novembre 2021
Nombre de pages
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Taille du fichier
2 Mo

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