Coffee and Thunder

by Kyneesha Rynea (Author)
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Avi Patterson is a forty-year-old, curvy, quirky African American woman with a promising career in the healthcare insurance field. She’s independent and loves life, while her son Xavier is her pride and joy. The one element missing is romance. She hasn’t experienced that since her son’s father was brutally murdered almost eighteen years prior.

Currently, the only place romance is happening is in Avi’s dreams with a mysterious, dreadlocked vampire lover. All that changes when her co-worker Joaquin shows interest in her around the same time she meets design engineer Kingston Ashford. To Avi’s shock, Kingston bears a very close resemblance to the seductive creature from her dreams.

Avi enjoys spending time with both men for different reasons. Joaquin is handsome, funny, and easy-going. Kingston is sexy, intense, and wealthy, but there’s an aura of danger surrounding him. As Avi explores her relationships, she comes to learn that the world around her is not what it seems, and both sweet dreams and nightmares can become reality.

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November 17, 2021
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