Lost Little Puppy

Lost Little Puppy

de Anthony Lanyon (Auteur)
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Lost Little Puppy is a heart-warming story about the plight of a little Labrador puppy who gets dumped deep in the Australian bush.

When all seems hopeless, he meets Crow. She is the one who “gets things done around here”—the boss of the bush.

With the help of Crow’s bush family, all manner of Australian animals and birds, they find a way to help Little Puppy settle into his new surroundings.

Lost Little Puppy focuses on the strength of community, the bond between friends, and how anything is possible when we work together.

Filled with funny and bizarre characters, as well as a loving twist, this story will leave readers feeling that friends and family and the simple things in life are all they need to be truly happy.

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Date de publication
21 novembre 2021
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4 Mo

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