Holy Love

by Jill E. Smith (Author)
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Jill E. Smith invites you to share her journey that began in childhood and impacted her well into adulthood. You might even find yourself identifying with some if not most of this shared testimony, because everyone has a story. We all have secrets.

If you live in Mayberry-where everything goes pretty much as planned and life always seems perfect-then this book is probably not for you.  Most of us have high expectations for our lives but find ourselves in a broken world. This passionate book, unflinching in its honesty reveals the transformation that happens when God is invited into the journey.  Jill’s story, is a remarkable and reliable companion for those who are hurting, yet hopeful!

Rev. Mark Norman

Pastor Emeritus

Grace Community Church

Fulton, Maryland

This is a journey of self-discovery. Jill Smith explores childhood events that shaped her personality. A childhood fraught with deception left deep wounds that only God could heal. Magic begins as Jill discovers her personal relationship with God, who strengthens her to heal, understand and forgive. Jill inspires the reader, through her journey, to reflect on their own life, and shows us how we can deepen our relationships and heal our pasts.

Sharon Hyde

National Marketing Director

The JuicePlus Company

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November 21, 2021
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