The Framed Father

The Framed Father

de J. R. Mathis (Autor), Susan Mathis (Autor)
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My wife’s killer finally caught, I was content to leave Myerton to serve in the isolation of the same monastery where I found my call to the priesthood. The temptations of the past still occupy my mind, but behind these walls I’m safe from them.

A call from the Archbishop sends me back to Saint Clare’s, to find out if a young priest has broken his vows. Confident I’ll find nothing wrong, I’m content to return.

Then a young woman is murdered, and the priest stands accused. Helen is on the case, and I must work with her again to find the truth. 

But the feelings we left unspoken before are harder to avoid, and I find my heart struggling with my head.


Can I save a young man’s life without risking my soul?


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21 de noviembre de 2021
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