The Perfect Patsy

The Perfect Patsy

de J. R. Mathis (Autor), Susan Mathis (Autor)
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I take his head in my hands and force him to look at me. “Nate,” I say again, this time more forcefully, “where did all this blood come from?” 

This seems to get through, and his unseeing eyes struggle to focus on mine as one whispered word escapes his lips.


When the body of Ashley Becket is found naked, tied up, and butchered in Nate Rodriguez’s bed, Father Tom can’t believe the young man’s responsible.

Then, it’s discovered Ashley was a prostitute . . . and Nate was a frequent customer.

As the rumors fly around Saint Clare’s and the gamer group fractures, Father Tom finds himself trying to keep his parish together and repair Nate’s relationship with Gladys. He soon discovers that Nate is keeping a huge secret from the woman he loves--a secret that led him to hire Ashley in the first place.

Then, Gladys finds evidence that points away from Nate--and to someone who couldn’t possibly be responsible.

Because, after all, Richard Davenport is safely behind bars . . .

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Fecha de publicación
22 de noviembre de 2021
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